3 best games to play this year


Dear friends, if you’ve clicked this post to get some info on fun stuff like new games, I’ll have to disappoint you. This post entry is here only to boost few websites so it will contain many links to places you don’t really want to visit unless you’ve got too much time on hand and want to waist it.

Let’s start-

  1. Gummy Drop Game – released for mobile phones, never for desktops but still, here’s a website claiming that Gummy drop really exists as online game, link: gummydrop-game.com

2. Same thing with Cookie jam, no one ever heard of desktop version, yet- voila (meaning of voila).

To bring this painful list to an end, here’s one more:

3. Strike force heroes HACKED – now, this game at least exists. And is unblocked which means you can go through levels easy. In my opinion it makes no sense to play hacked game but world is a place of diversity and not everyone thinks the same as me 🙂


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