3 best tablets for 2016.

What do we need tablet for? Surfing, watching movies and playing games. Most of todays offerings will provide all of that. So, what makes the difference between tablet models? Our guess is: built quality, diplay and quality/price ratio.

Built quality

First and important aspect is built quality. Tablets are tactile gadgets, you’ll be touching and almost hugging them more than laptop, tv, even your phone. When it comes to built quality winner is (no surprise there)- Apple Ipad. Which Ipad, you ask? We anwser- all of them. Aluminium unibody is solid, light and best in class.


Display sizes vary from model to model. Bigger is not always better as this is a question of personal taste. What everyone can agree on is that having more pixels per inch makes better experience and the winner of this category is tablet with best display in terms of PPI (pixels per inch). And that is the super sharp Dell Venue 8 7000

Max. quality for small price

This is the only category where Apple doesn’t stand a chance. Its premium Ipads are rocking solid and cool but too pricey. Winner of this category must be a model with price tag below 300$ that has decent performance (min. 2GB RAM and 10GB Disc) and HD screen with more than 200 pixels per inch. And our winner is a lightweight android tablet with long battery life and bright high resolution display. Our winner is Lenovo Tab 2 A10 

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